Crash Fever Wikia
Crash Fever Wikia

Active Skill
Skill Name: Holy Night - Jingling Rampage Turns: 12

(MAX: 8)

Ultra damage to 1 enemy + Red unit ATK boost 3 turns (absorb Junk, Hearts) + Red Panel rate boost 1 turn.
Crash Panel Skill
Skill Name: Maximum Present
Massive damage to 1 enemy.
Ability 1/2
Ability 1: Damage Panel Break
When in front, can destroy Damage Panels without taking damage.
Ability 2: Fever Intensity
Massive boost to own ATK/REC during Fever.
Ability 3/4
Ability 3: Fever ATK Low Boost REQ BUG 10
ATK low boost for all units when Fever Gauge is at 75% or more.
Ability 4: Fever Gauge Boost REQ BUG 20
Boost Fever Gauge at the start of every turn.
Evolution Line
0512.png > 0513.png > Xmas Belial - Sacred Sleigh
Alternate Base Units
0166.png 0167.png 0168.png 0805.png 1055.png