Crash Fever Wikia
Crash Fever Wikia

Active Skill
Skill Name: Flaming Guillotine - Passion Turns: 16

(MAX: 12)

Deals massive Red damage to 1 enemy.
Crash Panel Skill
Skill Name: Burning Thrust
High damage to all enemies.
Evolution Line
0166.png > 0167.png > Reckless Mutineer Belial > 0805.png >> 1055.png
Units for Awakening
0102.png 0103.png 0104.png 0837.png = 0805.png
Units for Ultra Awakening
0278.png 0262.png 0840.png = 1055.png
Bug3.png Bug3.png
Alternate Base Units
0512.png 0513.png 1275.png
Related Units
1949.png > 1950.png
2561.png > 2562.png