Use this as awakening material to awaken a specific unit

Little Humpty is a rare awakening material and is quite hard to get. It can be used in awakening most Super and Ultra Rare units of all colors. (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green)

How do I to get this unit? Edit

  • Little Humpty is rather hard to get.They sometimes appear in the final round of [Hard] Fire Caterpillar, [Hard] Wood Caterpillar, [Hard] Aqua Caterpillar, or [Hard] Lighting Caterpillar, but it's very rare (1/10 drop rate) and there is a very real possibility you won't earn it even if you have defeated it.
  • You can also try earning a Little Humpty in a limited Event Quest called After Little Humpty! which has a 50% Little Humpty spawn rate, five times that of the Caterpillar quests, roughly a one in two chance. But again, it's not every time you'll manage to get one. Plus, After Little Humpty! usually appears during collab events like the Miku collab.
  • In the newest update, you'll be able to get 1 Little Humpty during the 7th day of the login bonus, a great way to earn this unit.
  • You can also buy up to twelve Little Humpties at a specific period of time in the Ghost Store. 1 Little Humpty costs 4,000 Ghost Points. When they refill, stock up on Ghosts and buy them like there's no tomorrow.