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The Halloween 1st Night event is held from 16 October to 22 October 2017. It features a hatcher which features Halloween units.

Special Halloween 1st Night Hatcher[]

Special Halloween 1st Night Hatcher

Special Halloween 1st Night Hatcher Banner.png

  • Event Period: 10-16-2017 23:00 PST ~ 10-22-2017 22:59 PST
  • 10x Hatcher guarantee 4★-or-higher units!
    • Also! 1 special unit guaranteed only in the 10x Hatcher!
  • 10x Hatcher five times guarantees 1 of 3 units!! Halloween Version Harvest, Rapunzel, or Lancelot! This is your only chance this year to earn certain units!
    • After trying the 10x Hatchers 30 times, it will become a 10x Hatcher that costs 500 polygons and 1 special unit guaranteed.

Limited Edition Units[]

Free Hatcher Every Day![]

Halloween 1st Night Hatcher.png

  • Event Period: 10-16 23:00 PST ~ 10-22 22:59 PST
  • Use one Rare Hatcher for free every day!
  • You might earn a powerful unit here! Don't forget to use a Hatcher each day!

Limited Time Quests[]

  • Limited Time Quests available!
    • Clear the quests and earn limited edition units! ♪

Halloween Night Panic![]

Halloween Night Panic! Quest Banner.png

  • Event Period: 10-16 23:00 PST ~ 10-22 22:59 PST
  • Dolce
    • 1191.png > 1192.png

Candy Ticket Hatcher[]

10x Candy Ticket Hatcher.png

  • Event Period: 10-16 23:00 PST ~ 10-22 22:59 PST
  • The Candy Ticket Hatcher is a Hatcher where players can use the "Candy Tickets" earned from completing "Halloween Night Panic!"
    • Amazing material units are up for grabs! And 1 Dolce guaranteed!

Special Login Bonuses[]

Halloween 1st Night Login Bonus.png

  • Event Period: 10-16 19:00 PST ~ 10-22 18:59 PST
  • The total amount of days you log in during the campaign will earn you amazing presents! Log in to earn awesome rewards! ♪
Login Day Reward
1 0613.png x1
2 Candy Ticket x30
3 0612.png x1
4 Polygon x10
5 0611.png x1
6 Polygon x30