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Crash Fever Wikia

The Fever Festival Hatcher offers players a chance to obtain some of the most powerful Academic units in the game. However, the Hatcher usually costs many Polygons, and the chance to obtain the exclusive units are fairly low.

Current Campaign[]

1st Anniversary Fever Festival Hatcher Banner.png

  • Event Period: 10-12-2017 23:00 PST ~ 10-15-2017 22:59 PST
  • Both the 1x Hatcher and 10x Hatcher guarantee 4★-or-higher units!
    • Plus, the 10x Hatcher guarantees one 5★ unit!
      • To celebrate coming first anniversary, spawn rate ultra boost for 4 special units!
      • Note: Units will not be 6★ at the time of receiving them.

Current Campaign Exclusive Units[]

Fever Festival Hatcher Exclusive Units[]

Red Units[]

Green Units[]

Blue Units[]

Yellow Units[]

Previous Campaigns[]