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What are Event Quest? Edit

Event quests, unlike normal quests, have an event schedule. Certain quests are active during certain times, while normal quests that can be accessed at any time. 

Event quests come in a variety of difficulties, and each one features a specific unit which you have a chance to receive as a drop. Events are defined by their maximum difficulty (Such as Normal, Hard, Legend etc.). However, you can receive the event unit at any available difficulty. Higher difficulty simply means a higher drop rate (a higher chance of receiving said unit). 

Tips Edit

Before starting an event, carefully read the name and any limitations it has. Some events require certain types of units or have other restrictions (such as Quarantine Escape is a Human Units only quest and A Hunter's Elegy is a Multiplayer Only Quest). Most quest will state these requirements on their banners, so check carefully! If you don't follow these restriction, you may die instantly, or find it difficult to win. 

When joining another player's game, it's important to ensure you meet these requirements, so you do not waste their energy to host the event.