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RedCrystal333 RedCrystal333 3 October 2017

1st Crash Fever Global Facebook Fan Art Contest

Disclaimer: The Crash Fever Wiki has no official involvement in the fan art contest. Submitting entries here will not count as an official submission as all entries must be submitted in Facebook instead. We are not responsible for any lost, late, incomplete, or misdirected submissions which will be disqualified.

Contest Duration: October 2 2017 ~ October 19 2017 [06:00:00 UTC]


Create an original piece of fan art inspired by Crash Fever and win amazing in-game prizes!

Attach your original fan art together with your fid using the hashtag #crashfeverart for a chance to win a huge amout of Polygons! Please note that the rewards are only available for Global acounts.


  • Most Liked Prize: 1000 polygons for the drawing with most "Like" rea…

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Nightmare TJ Nightmare TJ 27 April 2017

My game is broken

I can not colect my mission rewards because i cant scroll. I have the same problem in the event mission and enhancment screen. Am i just doing it wrong or is this a problem other people have.

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PBComplexion PBComplexion 14 January 2017

Need help building this Wikia.

Hi, I've editing the Wikia whenever I felt like it but I definitely won't last long with the updates like this. I can't be the only one updating this. Is this Wikia dead because if it is, I'll stop. Doing this alone is tiring and I have other stuff I'd rather do too if the Wikia is dead.

If you want to see this Wikia up to date, I need help. Bloggers, Coders or whoever. Even unit information and images will help. If you guys want to learn, I could create a page on the very basics of how to edit the Wikia. But I'm an amateur myself so please take note of that. Just give me a heads up and I'll do so in the next couple of days, depending.


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