Alchemy Fruit is a material that increase an unit's skill level by 1, which will shorten the unit's skill cooldown.

Most units are require 4 Alchemy fruits to max out their skill level. Certain units, mostly festival units and Ultra-Wizard units, may need 6 Alchemy Fruits instead.

Tip: Once an unit's skill level has reached max, fusing more Alchemy Fruit will not shorted it's skill cooldown anymore, so be careful not to use more apples than needed.

How do I get this unit? Edit

  • The player will recieve Alchemy Fruit on third day during daily bonuses.
  • It is also possible to recieve Alchemy Fruit from the Link Hacther.
  • The locked quest "Break throught those stat limits! - Fruit Bliss" also gives Alchemy Fruits and other limit break materials as drop loot.
  • The 24 hour limited solo quest "Apples Everywhere" can also provide Alchemy Fruits.