Crash Fever Wikia
Crash Fever Wikia

Active Skill
Skill Name: Monster Bullet Trick Turns: 11

(MAX: 7)

1 panel to SCP (L) + 70,000 damage to all enemies + Boost own ATK by 1,000, join other unit attacks 2 turns.
Crash Panel Skill
Skill Name: Franken's Arm
Massive damage to 1 enemy. The more HP remaining, the more powerful the attack.
Ability 1/2
Ability 1: Junk Break
Can destroy Junk Panels when in front.
Ability 2: Demon/Hero Yellow Bomb Drop
If Demon or Hero unit is in front, low chance Yellow Bombs drop.
Ability 3/4
Ability 3: Halloween 2017 High Boost
High Boost to all of own attacks in Gimme Sweets and Sweet-Fanged Vampire quests.
Ability 4: Final Floor CP Spawn Boost REQ BUG 10
On final floor, when in front, 2 fewer panels required for a Crash Panel.
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